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October 25 2017

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i was looking through medieval drawings of demons the other day and i found the demons that make you gay  

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June 29 2015

Popierdoliły mi się uczucia.
Idę po rozum do serca.
— Alicja Kochmańska
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June 27 2015

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Justice Kennedy
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June 26 2015

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June 23 2015

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June 21 2015

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June 11 2015

June 05 2015

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Boys don't cry (1999)
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June 01 2015

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May 31 2015

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The edge of love
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May 28 2015

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May 27 2015

Lili Elbe was a transgender woman and one of the first known and historically identifiable recipients of sex reassignment surgery. via Vintage photos of ‘drag queens’ before it was safe to be out and proud | Dangerous Minds
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May 08 2015

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April 04 2015

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March 13 2015

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March 01 2015

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